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Related post: Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 07:22:56 -0800 (PST) From: Max Hewitt Subject: "Punking Mike,' ch. 7This story involves sex between guys. If lolita cp pedo vixen you shouldn't litle loli free porn be reading stuff like that, move on. In this gallery photo sex lolita story, the characters don't use condoms. In the real world, anybody who doesn't practice safe sex is a menace to himself and society. Don't be a menace. It's okay to print this story out or save it to a disc, but don't transfer it to another website or archive without my permission, please.Thanks to TW for doing the beta reading>From Chapter 6:Seth grinned. "Come on, Mikey. Be a good bitch and take your pill. You'll need it. We have a long evening ahead."I looked questioningly at him, as did Jason."Yeah, I've invited some of your friends over this evening. And you guys are the entertainment." Chapter 7[MC = Mike Cronin; JK = Jason Kinsey]Mike and Jason didn't like the sound of that. Except for the pizza dude, the guy behind the drive-up window at Burger King, and Bruno, who'd done their nipple piercing, no one knew they'd become sex slaves to Seth. That might all change if Seth decided to free lolita nubile preteen distribute the videos he'd been taking all day. But if guys they knew from their town were coming to Seth's that evening, everything would change.Seth took them down into the basement, preteen rompl lolitas bbs where they found a large room, completely carpeted. At one end was a stone fireplace. At right angles to the fireplace was a huge entertainment center. There was an L shaped leather sectional sofa. The area in between contained a large coffee table, perhaps six feet square. At the other end of the room were a real lolita cp pic wet bar, a pool table, and a door leading to a bathroom."Okay, you two bitches, get on your knees on the coffee table, facing each other, as close as you can get."Seth produced rope. He had Mike put his arms lil lolas non nude around Jason's neck and then fastened his wrists together. Jason was required to put his arms around Mike's chest, and free lolitas under age his wrists were fastened together. Then lolitas model top list Seth bound the men together at the chest and the waist, illegal lolita sex pics their hard cocks squeezed tightly between their abdomens. When he was finished, he said, "That ought to hold you until we're ready for you. Don't go anywhere!" He went back upstairs laughing.Mike and Jason were so close together their noses touched unless they pulled their heads uncomfortably apart. Eventually they learned to rest their heads on each other's shoulders.Each guy was very much aware of the others' Viagra-stimulated cock pressing against his belly. Jason gave a tentative wiggle, lolitas bbs kiddie porn and found that, though their bonds didn't allow them much movement, it was nude lolitas models topsites possible to flat chested lolita pictures move his cock slightly against Mike's belly. Mike responded with a wiggle of his own. Mike was especially horny since he hadn't had occasion to cum since they were being paddled that morning. Having his hunky friend that close, having Jason's hard cock pressed against him, right next to his own rigid cock was too much."Jase?""Yeah, Mike?""Kiss me?"Both guys suspected that they were in for a rough evening. They were happy to have a moment of tenderness before all the unpleasantness started.They had both just cum and were still kissing when Seth came down the stairs."My guests are upstairs. I thought I'd better untie you two before they came down. Let's get these ropes off. Sheesh, it reeks of cum. What the fuck have you two been doing? I leave you all tied up 10 yo nude lolitas so you can't get into any trouble, and you two fuckin' homos get each other off anyway. What a mess!"Seth finished taking the ropes off and told the two guys to stand up. He disappeared into a bathroom that opened off the other end of the room and came back with a damp towel. He handed it to Mike."Here, faggot, clean up your bitch preeteen lolita bbs portals buddy and yourself and take out your butt plugs. Make it quick. You're keeping your audience waiting!"They took out their butt plugs, and both exclaimed at the pain they felt when removing them. Mike cleaned first Jason and then himself and started to hand the towel back to Seth."Hey, fuckface, I don't want that thing. Take it in the bathroom and put it in the hamper. Put the butt plugs in the sink. You can clean them up later. If we had time, I'd make you guys lick `em clean. But you're gonna be glad tonight that you had those things to stretch your asses." He gave them an evil grin.Mike did as he was told. When he got back, Seth said, "Okay, girls. Stand up on that coffee table. 6 12 toplist lolita That's going to be your stage this evening." He went to the entertainment center and put on some slow, romantic music. "Now, I free ls models lolita want you to grab each other the way you'd grab a girl, if you remember how to do that, and then do a nice slow dance. I want you two to be dancing when I bring the guys downstairs."Jason and Mike tried to do as he asked, but their Viagra-stimulated cocks, which hadn't deflated a bit despite their both having just come, made things awkward."Get close! Shove those cocks up against your bellies. That's it. Now, Kinsey, rest your free nude ebony lolita head on Cronin's shoulder, like a sweet little girlie. Yeah. You two are SO cute I may barf."MC:Seth went back upstairs, leaving Jason and me rocking from one foot to the other, arms around each other, lolita boy nude pictures cocks lolicon 3d image board hard and pressed together as the music played softly in the background. Actually, it might have been a nice moment if we were doing it alone, at a time and place of our choosing. But Seth was bringing someone back downstairs to see us doing it, and I could feel Jason shaking. It was cool in the basement after being out in the summer heat all day, but I don't think he was cold. I think he was just feeling the humiliation. After all, depending on who these guys were, Seth was gothic and lolita illustrations really outing us now."Oh, my God, Seth's right. Look at those asian russian lolita site two queers!" Jason and I stopped dancing and separated when we heard that, which left us facing the newcomers, pricks pointed straight at them.Coming down the stairs were two guys I recognized from Jason's class, which means that, like him, they had just graduated a few weeks before. One was Dewayne Struthers and the other was Frank Hendricks. Both were jocks and had been part of a group that hung around with Seth when he and I were still in high school. Behind them, though, was a face I really didn't want to see. It was Ian Shaw, who had been my roomie at State the previous year.When they got down the stairs and into the room, Ian sort of hung back. tube preten lolita nude I could see that he had made his hands into fists and shoved them into the pockets of his cargoes. He looked like he was going to be sick. I felt the same way."Jase, what happened to your pubes, man?" Dwayne asked. "Shit, you dudes don't got any body hair at all! And what's with the wood? Seth said you were a couple of flaming queers, but I didn't believe it. Especially you, Cronin. Kinsey here was always kind of a nerd, but, man, top lolita virgin sites I would never have believed you wuz a fag."Hendricks grinned and high fived Seth. "Yeah, Seth, I didn't believe you either. I still can't fuckin' believe it!"Seth grinned. "You guy's ain't seen anything yet. Okay, faggots, how about giving each other a nice, wet, deep kiss."This was the pits. This was the worst yet. I was so humiliated the day Seth first showed up at my house I wanted a hole to open up and let me fall right in. I wanted to die that day. But here Jason and I were, naked, shaved, magic lolita blow job with tit rings and slave collars, our dicks reaching for the ceiling, and we had to do what Seth said or go to prison. Jason looked like he might pass out, so I grabbed him, pulled him toward me, and kissed him. He had enough presence of mind to return the kiss, knowing full well that Seth would preteen lolitas kdz bbs get mad if we didn't make it a real French kiss."Eeeewww!" best child models lolitas Frank said. "That's so gross."Seth went to the stereo in the entertainment center and changed to music to an up-tempo piece."Now, pansies, show us how you can dance. Shake those booties for us!"I tried to remember some of the moves I'd used when Marcy and I were dancing together. I noticed that Jason was lookin' good, moving good to the music."Hey, you pussies are naturals. You should be dancing at a strip club!" Seth said."Fuck! The dudes are really getting into it!" Dewayne said. "Pretty good for a couple of white naughty pink lolli xxx guys. Especially for a couple of white fags!"All this time Ian had just been standing there looking dumbfounded.I noticed that there were tears running down Jason's cheeks. I felt SO bad, not just because I was now outed in the most humiliating way to my former roommate, but loli model nude ls also because Jason had to go through all of this just because he became nude little lolita photo my friend at the wrong time."Hey, Seth," Frank said, "what about that other stuff you said they'd do."They were talking about Jase and me as if we weren't lolita pic little girls even there. Or weren't human enough to understand what they were saying."Watch this, Hendricks. Now, Cronin, enough dancing. Get down on all fours." He looked at small loli girls his audience as I did what he told me to. "You guys aren't gonna believe this. Kinsey, give your buddy a good rim job."Jase got down behind me, grabbed a butt cheek in each hand, and began to run the tip of his tongue around my pucker."Fuck, man, that's like totally gross!""Hey, Frank, it's not gross for the guy getting rimmed.""He's done it to you?""No, but Mikeyboy little lolita 13 yo has.""Isn't that pretty gay, dude?"All the while, Ian was standing stock still, watching, but not saying anything."Nah, he's just doing something for me i wanna fuck lolita that no chick has ever been willing to do. It's just like getting a blowjob from a guy. It ain't gay if you're on the littel lola zone receiving end. Any hole will do, right?""Well, I don't know, man . . . .""Look, dudes, Cronin's had enough pleasure from his ass-licking friend. Let's put them to work."Dewayne grabbed his package. "I could do with a hot hole.""We got more than enough holes to go around. Kinsey, that's enough. Get on your hands and knees next to your fag buddy."Jase crawled beside me."Two mouths, two assholes, guys. There's some lube if you want to use it. Take these pussyboys for a lolita cum hardcore free test drive as my guest. You've lost your bets, but this is on the house."Ian pulled his hands out of his pockets. He gave Seth a bill."This is all getting too sick for me. Here's your fifty bucks, Watkins. You won that fair and square, but I'm not going to stay around and watch these two fags underage lolita models nude get the rest of you off."Then he took a step or two closer under lolita teen porn to me. "Mike, I can't believe top lolita boys peedo this. I thought we were friends. You were a fag all this time, and you never told me? And look at sweet lolitas pics xxx you! No hair. Nipple rings. Doing this stuff with an audience? What's happened to you man? I respected you!"I think Ian actually had tears in his eyes as he turned and ran up the stairs. And the thought that I'd just lost a really good friend had tears streaming from my eyes."Awww! Guys, look. Mikey is crying. His buddy has found out he's a fag, and he's bawling about it. What he needs is to get his mind off his straight buddy Ian. Somebody plug up his mouth, for God's sake, so he can go back to doing what comes naturally!"Dewayne walked around in front of me and motioned for me to come to the edge of the table. He dropped his cargoes and his boxers, revealing what had to be a ten inch cock, pointing right at me. "Okay, queer, let's see if guys really can do it better than chicks, like Seth says."I grabbed it with both fists and began to lick out his deep piss slit. Then I lapped on it a while as if it were an ice cream cone, trying to get up nerve to take the thing in my mouth. It was so much bigger than Seth's that I was intimidated by it."Geez, man, that's great. I can't believe Mike Cronin is suckin' my big ole dick.""Yeah, that's the great Mike Cronin himself swinging on your tool, man," Seth said, chuckling.Frank, not to be left out, had dropped his pants. His pecker was more like five inches, and Jason was noisily sucking on it. Frank had his hands on Jason's head, just sort lolita nude beach video of resting them there. "Fuck, Kinsey, I always figured you were a fag, but if I'd known you could suck dick like this, I'd have gotten to know you better."I was sucking Dewayne on autopilot, thinking about Ian and how humiliating it was to have him see me like that, until Dewayne sort of nudged little loli lolita models me with his cock. "Hey, boy, I think you can take more than that. Nobody's ever been able to get it all down, but I've had chicks that could do it better than you."Why I should care, I don't know, but his comment brought me back to reality. Almost without thinking, I began using more suction, more tongue, and I tried to see how much of it I really could take. I gagged a couple of times and my eyes began watering, so I backed off a little, but I did at least keep my mind on what I was doing, and Dewayne began to moan."Sheeeeitt, man! That's real good!" He grabbed me by the ears. "You just keep your mind on your job, white boy. You are better than any chick when you've a mind to be.""This little faggot's got the technique, too," Frank said.Soon, both guys were beginning to moan as Jase and I worked on their rods."Uh, guys, like I told you, losing the bet got you full privileges. Before you cum, don't you want to try the other end?""No way, man, that's too gross for me. I can't see sticking my dick up some guy's poop chute," Frank said."Well," Dewayne said, "Seth's right. A hole is a hole." I cringed when he said that because I just knew that monster schlong of his was going to hurt.I couldn't see Seth's face, but I could tell by his tone of voice that he was grinning. "Dewayne, if you and Mike want some privacy, you could always go to the other end of the loli 12 years pedo room.""Come on, fag, I want you to lean over the nude lolitas preteen movies pool table nude lolita pic gallary while I preteen lolitas list xxx take that white ass of yours. lolitas pics bbs pthc Watkins, toss me that lube. I think we're gonna need lotsa that."JK:"Hendricks, you sure you don't want to fuck lil Jase here?""Nah, man, I'll just get my nut in his mouth.""Well, in that case, I'm going to use his other end. lolitas models no nude You really don't know what you're missing. Even though his fuckbuddy has been using his butt, it's a lot tighter than any pussy you've ever been in, I guarantee."As he said that, I remembered the lube was at the other end of the room with Mike and Dewayne.Not long after that, I heard Mike scream. It sounded as if Struthers had rammed him with that big bludgeon of his. He really sounded in pain. I felt so bad ls land lolita nude when I heard him pleading with Dewayne to take it out or to at least go slow."Shut yo face, punk. Take my big dig and like it! That's what you ho's are for, ain't it?"As I continued to suck on Frank's hot, hard rod, Seth pulled my cheeks apart and drooled spit onto my pucker. He worked it around a little with his finger. Then he drooled some more, and shoved his finger in a little ways. The more he did that, the lolita 1997 widescreen dvd better it felt, and involuntarily I shoved my ass back toward him."Look at the slut! He can't wait for me to fuck him. He's trying teenie angels lolita nymphets to fuck himself on my finger."Frank chuckled. "Shit, Kinsey, I always figured you for a fag, but I didn't know what a shameless pussy you are. But you be careful when he sticks his cock in you. If you bite me, I'll knock your teeth out." He tried to pull my head up by the hair, but it was too short, and his fingers slipped off. So he grabbed me by the ears and pulled me off his dick for a moment, tilting my head back. "Got that?""Yeah."Seth slapped my butt, hard. "That's `Yes, sir,'""Yes, sir."Frank shoved his cock back in my mouth as Seth, without any warning and without going slow, jammed his cock up my ass. I made sure not to bite Frank's cock, but I yelled, though it was muffled by the aforesaid cock."Ohhhh, tiny hairy lolita videos that feels fantastic. Make him do that again.""Hum for the man, faggot!"So I hummed as I sucked him. Seth began to pound lolitas ls bbs mclt my ass. Once in, he showed no concern at all for how it felt for me. He was just getting his jollies. So, there I was, like a pig on a spit, with a cock in each end. This was nothing at all like it was when Mike and I fucked or sucked preteen lolitas cp models each other. We were gentle. We wanted to make each other feel good. Here, I was just being used, roughly, almost brutally, by two guys who didn't give a shit about me, guys who were just getting their rocks off inside me.Mike wasn't pleading anymore, but I could hear him grunting every time Struthers preteen lolita angel links slammed into him. He didn't sound like he was enjoying it very much, pretty free preteen lolita either.My jaw was aching by the time Hendricks acted like he was going to cum."Fuck! I'm gonna shoot. What'll I do?"Seth chuckled. "Well, man, it's not like he has any choice. You can leave it in and he'll swallow it. Or you can pull out and shoot it on his face if that turns you on."I don't think he had time to consider his options. young beauty naked loli He came so quickly after that he flooded my nude lolly modelgirls nude mouth. I swallowed most of it, but some of it ran out the corners of my mouth.I wiped it with my finger and licked it off.Frank didn't even notice. He was still coming down from his high.Seth, without missing a stroke, said, "Now, clean up his cock nice for him."So I took Frank's soft dick back into my mouth and licked it good all over, making sure there was no cum left on it."Man oh man, I'd like to have me a cocksucker like that 24/7. That was fan- fuckin'-tastic!"I was totally free loli paysites afraid Seth would offer him my services on a great lolita bbs permanent basis, but he had other things on his mind at the time. Or rather nothing on his mind because he was getting ready to blow his load in my ass."Hang on, Kinsey. I'm cumming! Oh, fuck!" He gave a couple of quick, short pumps and then shuddered. little beauties nymphets lolitas I could feel his hot cum exploding into me.Frank pulled up his boxers and shorts and sat on the sofa, watching Seth and me. Seth childmodels no nude lolitas took a minute nude preteen japanese lolitas to pedo lolita child porn calm down. Then he pulled his still partly-hard cock out of my ass."Turn around here, pussyboy!"Staying on all fours on the coffee table, I turned around, facing him."Now, clean me up."That was revolting. But it was my ass, and I loli pic bbs com couldn't very well refuse, so I took his dick into my mouth and gave it a tongue bath."Oh, my God! Look at that! I can't believe he did that. That's so gross."Again, Frank was talking about me to Seth as if I weren't human litle sweet lolitas 3d or couldn't hear him. I found that toplist young loli links as degrading, in younf naked lolita girls a way, as having to clean up Seth's cock.About that time Dewayne sauntered back to non nude sexy lolitas our end of the room, fastening the button at the top of his cargoes. "So, I just fucked the great Mike Cronin. Nobody's gonna believe that."Seth chuckled. "Oh, dirty girl little loli I think they will. Hang on a sec. I'll go get us some beers." He looked over at Mike, who was still lying stretched out over the pool table. "Get your sorry ass over here, pussyboy!"Mike straightened up slowly and walked bowlegged, carefully back to our end of the room."Okay, pussies, stand up on the table." When we did so, he said, "Hands behind your heads, feet apart in the parade rest position." We took the position."Be right back, guys," Seth said to Hendricks and Struthers. He went to the bar at the other end of the room. I saw him take a pad and write something on it. He tore the top sheet off, wrote on the next sheet, and tore that off. Then he bent over, opened what looked to be a mini-fridge, and took out three cans of beer. He stuck the two sheets of paper in a pocket and came back to where we were."Here ya go, guys. Monday morning you check out Mike and Jason's new website. Lots of good pics there. And you'll be able to order their video. After a few copies of that get around, you won't have any trouble convincing people you've fucked `em.""Cool!" Frank said. Dewayne looked at his, grinned from ear to ear, and tucked his into his wallet.The three of them sat down, shot the shit as if we weren't there, and drank their beer.MC:Seth was giving those guys a URL for what he called Jase and my website. So he was planning to young lolitas litlle babys post all those pictures he'd been taking there. And he was going to make the video available via the website. So we were thoroughly outed, thoroughly fucked. He'd kept his promise of not going to the police about Willie's story, but he had managed to ruin our lives anyway. young lolita picture portal Jase and I were about to become porn stars. I supposed it would only be a matter of time before all my friends, both in town and at State, had either seen the visuals or had at least heard about them. And how long after that would it be before my family knew? To make me feel even worse, Jase would be going through the same sort of degradation and humiliation, and none of this should have been his problem. He was just sort of in the wrong place at the wrong time. I know we all say we want to kill somebody once in a while, but we don't really mean it. But I really wanted to kill Seth. Then it occurred to me that wouldn't do any good. The damage was already done.Very casually, as he was talking with Struthers and Hendricks, Seth looked over at us and said to me, "Show lolitas free preview galleries the guys your ass-munching skills, Mikey. Jason, get into position."Jase dropped to all fours, and I got behind him and began to tongue his pucker."Not good enough, Cronin. I said eat him out!"So I began to ram my tongue up Jason's hole and then, when that wasn't enough, to suck on it as Seth commanded.Jason couldn't help himself. He began to wiggle and moan. I could tell that Hendricks and Struthers were fascinated because all conversation had stopped."Hey, I'd like to try that!" Frank said in a husky voice."I dunno, little amber lolita pics man," Dewayne said, "that's pretty faggy.""Like I said," Seth commented, "It's not queer if you're illegal cp loli real on the receiving end. It's just like getting one of these bitches to lick your balls.""You didn't tell us they'd do that.""Hell, Frank, they'll do just about anything I tell `em to."Dewayne stood up and dropped his shorts and his boxers. "Fuck, man. Gotta try that.""Which one do you want?""I'll try the little dude this time."Frank stood up, shucked off his cargoes very young nastey lolitas and hard lolit sex young boxers and said, "Cool! That means Mike Cronin is going to eat russian little lolita sex out my ass! tiny teeny teenie lolitas Who'd a believed that?"Seth laughed. "Yeah, Frankie. Mike Cronin, president of his class. Mike Cronin, most popular guy in his class. Mike Cronin, college stud, is going to suck your shit chute. How about that!""Fuck, man, that's awesome!"Dewayne motioned for Jason to follow him. They went over to the pool table where he'd fucked me. Dewayne leaned over the table like I preteen lolita ls news had, and Jase squatted down behind him. Soon I could hear Dewayne moaning and cooing about how good Jase was making him feel.I motioned to Frank to just stretch out across the big coffee table, with his knees on the floor. Then I got on my knees behind him and began to work on his ass. The first time I put my tongue there, he gasped and jumped. I doubt that anyone had ever touched magic lolita girls ls him there before. Soon, though, I had him wondering why he'd never had this done before. Before long the room was quiet except for the mewling noises both the "straight" guys were making as Jason and I ministered to their holes. Seth just sat there smirking.After a while, I glanced at the other end of the room and saw that Dewayne was getting his dick sucked again. Apparently the ass reaming had been so stimulating he needed to cum again.Frankie was stimulated, too. So much so, in fact, that he came all over the coffee table.He was embarrassed. "Oh, jeez, Seth, I'm sorry man. I got my spunk on your free pree lolita models table. Let me get something and clean that up.""No problem, lolita underage models pussies Frankie. Mikey will clean it up, won't you Mike?"I obediently licked up all Frank's jizz from the table. "Eww, is there anything these guys won't do?" Frank asked.Seth chuckled. "Nah, a pair of fags like that? They'll do just about anything, won't you Cronin?"I glared at him but knew better than to say anything.Dewayne and Frank got their clothes back on, gave Seth fifty dollars each, and left soon after that.Jason came back to our end of the room."Okay, guys," Seth said, grinning, "sit down a minute."Jase and I both sat sandra model bbs lol on the edge of the coffee table, facing him."You did everything I asked this evening. I didn't have to threaten you. You didn't do anything to embarrass me or make me bulletin board lolita preteen look bad in front littles lolitas nudes pics of those guys. Ya done good."Somehow I didn't take any satisfaction in that praise, and I didn't think Jason little loli model pic had either."So, let's close this place up and go to my pad."We followed as he turned off the lights in the main house and locked up. Then we followed, still naked except for our collars, as he went out great lolitas bbs list the back door."There's a shower and plenty of towels in the cabana on the other side of the pool. You guys need a shower pretty bad." Then nn lolita angels ru he grinned at us. "And you know you can't go anywhere, don't you?"We nodded."When you've finished, come on up to my place."Seth's apartment over the three-car garage was really nice. It had a bedroom, a bath, lesbian lolita video bbs a kitchen, an eating area, and a really big living room. It looked as if a high-priced decorator had "done" it. When 100 top lolitas little we got there, he gave us little lolita cp video each a beer young preteens lolitas nudes and let us sit at his table while we drank it. I was grateful lolita nude picture gallery for the beer to get the other tastes out of my mouth, and I suppose Jase was, too.When we were finished, Seth said, "Well, guys, everybody got off this evening but me. It's time to take care of me now. Mike, suppose you lie on your back on the floor. I'm gonna let you suck me while Jason eats out my ass."A half hour later, I think Jason and I would have been grateful for another beer, but Seth decided it was bedtime."That sofa makes into a queen size bed. How's that for lolita bbs incest board appropriate, huh? You two can sleep there tonight."He went to a closet and threw us two sheets.Then he went somewhere and came back with two toothbrushes and a tube of tooth paste. "You guys can use the bathroom first. Be sure to brush your teeth. That way you can get all lovey-dovey in bed and won't have to worry about offending your lover." He chuckled.First Jason and then I brushed our teeth in his bathroom. Then we put the sheets on the bed and crawled in.I was exhausted, fucked out, fucked up. But not sleepy. I spooned up behind Jason, put my arm around his chest, kissed him on the back of the next, and just lay there."Mike?""Yeah, Jase?""This has been a hell of a day, hasn't it?""Oh, yeah!""Do we have anything to live for?""Not that I can see, babe, not that I can see." The next morning, Seth gave us orange juice, cereal, and coffee."Yesterday went well. Tomorrow you make your debut as porn stars, and you'll be discovering this week, slowly but surely, what it's like to be out in this town. Today will be an easy day. This morning we're going to work on a dance routine lolitas 15 yo movies for you two. top 100 kdz loli I'm thinking about showing you guys off. And this afternoon you need to young naked lolita girls work on getting your tans evened out. Your butts and thighs are pretty pale. So it's an afternoon by the pool for you two. I imagine you can both use that. young lolitas photo gallery Oh, and Mike, we'll nude lolits youth teen need to talk about what's going to happen next weekend when Marcy's here." [To be continued.]
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